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The Blackwinged Night
Chapter 1: Introduction

We all have access to creativity. At times we summons it up to use it in our work and daily lives. At other times it is a blind, amoral power that makes use of us as its vehicle. At times creativity can arrive in a dream. At others it is the end result of a long struggle. It can appear as a sudden, dramatic insight or as the result of the years of hard work needed to perfect a scientific theory, a novel or a piece of sculpture. One thing is certain, creativity is ever-present. It is a force to be enjoyed or endured but above all celebrated. Creativity is free, alive and spontaneous. It is something we can never bend to our will. We cannot control creativity. Neither can we trap it within the confines of a definition. But for the purposes of this book we need to uncover its disguises. For this reason we shall look at creativity from three different angles - but always remember that the boundaries of this approach are loose and creativity itself escapes every definition. Let us therefore consider creativity in three of its aspects:

1. Making something new, original or unexpected.

2. Renewing and sustaining what already exists.

3. Healing and making things whole.

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