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Photography and Science: Conspirators

Photography - Book CoverThe chapter can be found in the new book Photography's multiple roles.

For copyright reasons the full text of this essay is at present not available, however a portion of the essay can be viewed.

The book also includes chapters by the museum's curator, Denise Miller on Collecting as art + idea, plus Eugenia Parry on The art of photography, Naomi Rosenblum on Documentary photography, Rod Slemmons on Professional and commercial photography, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on The symbolic imagery of place, Ed Paschke on Portraiture, Franz Schulze on The city, with a photographer's biography by AnJanette Brush.

The book is published by The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago. Distributed by Art Publishers, Inc., New York, 155 Sixth Ave, 2nd floor, NY. NY 10013-1507. Phone 212-627-1999. fax 212-627-9484
ISBN 0-9658887-2-X

The book can be purchased online at a discount price through

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