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By offering substantial time and money savings, as well as the most current content, e-learning training programs are becoming increasingly popular with corporations trying to keep their staff knowledgeable about industry developments. The electronic, just-in-time learning market is expected to reach $11.4 billion in 2003, up from over $1 billion last year, according to International Data (IDC). IBM, which offers its employees and business partners satellite- and Web-based e-learning programs, estimates that it saved $200 million last year in internal training costs, says IBM's Rick Horton. The Web-based Sales Compass application and 10-channel global satellite system keep IBM sales personnel, business partners, and other employees supplied with the latest information on customers, industry trends, and technology developments. Although online learning will not likely replace traditional classroom-based training, it does offer advantages in some instances, particularly in the IT industry, where all training is "essentially perishable," says IDC analyst Cushing Anderson.
(Computerworld, 3 April 2000)

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