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Art and Biotechnology

The Human Genome Project and Biotechnology in general will have an enormous impact upon our lives. The social, medical, legal, moral and ethical implications of these new technologies are currently being debated. One issue, however, is the way in which it will change our conception of what it means to be human, and the image we will carry of ourselves.

It is at this point that artists could play a significant role, exploring the nature of the new technology and the various ways it will change our world and ourselves.

Over the last months I have been having conversations with Howard Stein. Mr Stein has a long term interest in this area and has been buying works, particularly in photography, from artists who are exploring this "new image of human kind". You can see some of this work at I would suggest that any artists interested in exploring this field should contact Mr Stein via his web site.

I had hoped that funding would be available to bring a small group here to Pari. ( See conferences) However, unfortunately that has not materialized. Nevertheless I am still on the lookout for funds. It would be relatively inexpensive to organize such a meeting and the results could be very productive. If anyone knows of a reliable funding source, or if they could help with funding please contact me. (

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