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F. David Peat - Curriculm Vitae

Scientific Publications

  • F. David Peat "Mathematics and the Language of Nature" in "Mathematics and the Sciences" ed. Ronald E. Mickens, World Scientific 1990.)
  • F. David Peat "Non-Locality in Nature and Cognition" in "Nature and Cognition" ed. M. Karvallo Kulwer Academic Publishers (1991)
  • F. David Peat "Non-Locality: Bell's Theorem, Condensed States and the From of the Wave Function" Mss in preparation
  • F. David Peat "Bell's Theorem: Form and Information in the Quantum Theory" in "Bell's Theorem, Quantum Theory and Conceptions of the Universe." ed. M. Kafatos. Kulwer Academic Pubs, pp. 191-193, (1989).
  • Alan Ford and F. David Peat "The Role of Language in Science" Foundations of Physics 18, 1233-1242 (1988)
  • F. David Peat "Time, Structure and Objectivity in Quantum Theory" Foundations of Physics 18 1213 (1988)
  • F. David Peat "Collective Phenomena and Large Eigenvalues for the Density Matrix" in "Queen's University Second Symposium on Density Matrix Theory, Queen's Papers on Pure and Applied Mathematics", Queens University, Kingston (1981)
  • F. David Peat and J. Kaufmann "A Systems Theoretic Approach to Brain Function" Internation Journal of Quantum Chemistry Symposium No
  • F. David Peat "The Evolution of Structure and Order in Quantum Mechanical Systems" Collective Phenomena 2, 149-154, (1976).
  • F. David Peat "Scattering Theory" in "Physical Chemistry vol. XI B" eds. Henderson et al pp. 838-907, Academic Press Inc., San Francisco (1975).
  • F. David Peat "Density Matrices" in "Physical Chemistry vol. XI A" eds. Henderson et al pp. 429-486, Academic Press Inc., San Francisco (1975)
  • F. David Peat "The Emergence of Structure and Organization from Physical Systems" International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Biology Symposium No 1 213-219, (1974).
  • F. David Peat "Suggested Applications of the Density Matrix" International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Symposium No 8. 313-321 (1974)
  • F. David Peat "Quantum Physics and General Relativity: The Search for a Deeper Theory" in "Contemporary Research in the Foundations and Philosophy of Quantum Theory" ed. C.A. Hooker D. Reidel Pub Co. 1973.
  • D. Goswami and F. David Peat "On Neutrino Theory of Light" Progress of Theoretical Physics 50, 321-326 (1973).
  • F. David Peat "Suggested Calculations using Transition Density Matrices" Theoret. Chim. Acta. 24, 11-15 (1972)
  • F. David Peat "Black Holes and Temporal Ordering" Nature 239, 387 (1972).
  • F. David Peat "Permutation Symmetries of Wave Functions with Some Applications to Density-Matrix Theory" Physical Review A 4 2206-2216 (1971)
  • F. David Peat "Anisotropic Electron-Phonon Coupling", Physical Review B 3 3149-3155 (1971).
  • F. David Peat "Note on the bounds and approximations to the ground state energy of N-fermion systems derived from density matrix theory" Canadian Journal of Physics 48, 147 (1970).
  • F. David Peat "A Green's Function Approach to Atomic Scattering". 6th International Conference on the Physics of Electronic Scattering. 945-6, MIT Press, Cambridge Mass, (1969).
  • F. David Peat "A model for electron scattering which includes correlation effects" J. Physics B 2, 1120 (1969).
  • F. David Peat "Atnisymmetrization of Geminal Wave Functions III. Calculations of the Density Matrix and Energy of a Three-Electron Atom." Physical Review , 173 69-74 (1968).
  • D. C. Schrum and F. D. Peat "Localized States of a One-Dimensional Crystal Model". Physica 39, 94-106 (1968).
  • C.F. Bender, E. R. Davidson and F. D. Peat "Applications of Geminal Methods to Molecular Calculations" Physical Review 174 75-80 (1968)
  • F. David Peat. "The Antisymmetrization of Geminal Wave Functions II The Q. Matrix" Queen's Papers on Pure and Applied Mathematics No 11 315-334 (1968).
  • F. David Peat "The Energy of Diatomic Molecules" Can. J. Chem. 45, 847, (1967).
  • F. David Peat and R.J.C. Brown "The Antisymmetrization of Geminal Wave Functions" International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 1, 465-474 (1967).
  • F. D. Peat and R.J.C. Brown Can. J. Phys. 44, 1349, (1966).
  • T. B. Grimley and F. D. Peat "Bopp's Approximation to the energy of an N-electron system" Proc. Phys. Soc. 86, 249 (1965).
  • J. B. Kirwin, F. D. Peat, P.J. Proll and L.H. Sutcliffe "The Reaction between Cobalt(III) and silver(I) Perchlorates in Perchloric Acid Media" Journal of Physical Chemistry 67, 2288 (1963).
  • J.B. Kirwin, F. D. Peat, P. J. Proll and L.H. Sutcliffe "A Kinetic and Spectroscopic Examination of Silver (II) in Perchlorate Media" Journal of Physical Chemistry, 67, 1617 (1963).
  • F. David Peat and L.H. Sutcliffe "The Effect of Temperature on the Size of Small Molecules" Trans Faraday Soc (1962)

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