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Meeting on The Future of the Academy, Pari, Italy
8-11 September, 2000

The Future of the Academy

Discussions during the March 1999 meeting of artists and scientists in London, prompted questions concerning the current role of universities today and the "Future of the Academy". An email message circulated soon after the meeting sparked a debate that continues in the Academy Discussion Forum, and a series of posted papers.

The Meeting of Art and Science

In early March 1999 a small group of artists and scientists met in London for two and a half days. (Information about the meeting, together with a report on the meeting is archived in the Conferences section of this Web Site) The reason for the meeting was not so much to pursue an "art and science" agenda but simply to talk together, explore ideas, make contacts and discover what can occur when a group of highly creative people meet together without any particular aims or agenda. Here you can read the background papers and continue the dialogue in the Art and Science Discussion Forum.

Art and Biotechnology Discussion Forum

The Human Genome Project and Biotechnology in general will have an enormous impact upon our lives. The social, medical, legal, moral and ethical implications of these new technologies are currently being debated. One issue, however, the ways in which it will change our conception of what it means to be human, and the image we will carry of ourselves.

Art and Funding Discussion Forum

How effective is funding in the arts? Could the money be used to better purpose and can artists discover alternative ways to support their work?

Indigenous and Western Science

For several years David Peat has been involved in dialogue circles with western scientists and Native Americans. This dialogue on Indigenous science continues on this website with contributions from New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and South America.

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