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F. David Peat - physicist and writer

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The ideas, essays, interviews and thoughts on this Web site represent Peat's work over the last decades. For a time he worked actively as a theoretical physicist in England and Canada. (Many of his scientific papers are available from this site.)

F. David Peat

But Peat's interests expanded to include psychology, particularly that of Carl Jung, art and general aspects of culture, including that of Native America. Peat is the author of many books including a biography of David Bohm, with whom Peat collaborated, books on quantum theory and chaos theory, as well as a study of Synchronicity. Since moving to the village of Pari in Italy Peat has created the Pari Center for New Learning. Visitors to Pari can talk with David Peat or attend one of his courses.

His essays as well as a list of his books and other publications are available on this page. To find out more about his life, starting with his childhood in Liverpool, England go to his Biography.



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