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The Bridge Between Matter and Mind

For the sceptic, coincidences are the jokers in the deck of life.
For the searcher, they are the key to synchronicity.

As physicists search for a unified field theory, so Carl Jung and others searched for synchronicity -- the unifying principle behind meaningful coincidence, individual consciousness and the totality of space and time. Now, F. David Peat joins these two quests into one intriguing journey to show the connection between quantum theory and synchronicity, and to open the way to an exciting new understanding about the bridge between matter and mind.

In exploring the nature of energy, time, chance, causality and coincidence, Peat draws on the works of Jung, Wolfgang Pauli, Ilya Prigogine, David Bohm, John Wheeler and others. What emerges is evidence of a hidden order, of a creative universe that expresses itself in individual lives.

With fascinating historical anecdotes and incisive scientific analysis, this important work combines ancient thought with modern theory to reveal a new way of viewing our universe that can expand our awareness, out lives, and may well point the way to a new science for the twenty-first century.

Quantum Theory, Jung's Scarab,
Dickens's Prophetic Dream,
the Naskapi Indian Oracles...
They all connect in Synchronicity.

Note: David Peat will be running a course on Synchronicity in Pari Italy from 16-23 July 2002. For more information.

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Publishing Information

F. David Peat
Paperback, 245 pages
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publications
June 1987
Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 8.28 x 5.29
ISBN 0-553-34676-8
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Praise for Synchronicity

"Striking a just balance between critique and speculation, and despite the complexity of the concepts and issues involved, Peat has written an eminently readable book, which delights as it instructs, inviting us to question our vision of ourselves and the world we live in."
-Ottawa Citizen

" conveys a correct picture of the bridge between matter and mind which Jung and Pauli were searching for and which serves as a basis for clarifying many important questions in a completely new light."
-K.V. Laurikainen, University of Helsinki


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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - The Physicist and the Psychologist
Chapter 2 - The Mechanical Universe
Chapter 3 - The Living Universe
Chapter 4 - Patterns of Mind and Matter
Chapter 5 - Patterns in the Bone
Chapter 6 - Mind, Matter and Information
Chapter 7 - The Creative Source
Chapter 8 - Time and Transformation


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