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From Certainty to Uncertainty: The Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century

Peat's recent book explores the death of certainty in science, philosophy, mathematics, art and society.




The Blackwinged Night

Creativity in Nature and Mind

F.David Peat's previous book explores creativity in all its aspects.


Seven Life Lessons of Chaos
Timeless Wisdom From the Science of Change

New Paperback release

The lessons of chaos theory as they apply to society, the environment, human creativity and everyday life. Written in seven chapters, each chapter explores a particular aspect of Chaos Theory, discovering parallels in ancient wisdom and Indigenous cultures.


Science, Order and Creativity

with David Bohm
An investigation of creativity in nature and life.

New Edition with additional chapter and new preface by author F. David Peat.


In Search of Nicola Tesla


A personal account of the author's encounter, on behalf of the Canadian government, with the life and ideas of this eccentric genius.


Infinite Potential
The Life and Times of David Bohm

David Bohm was one of the most original thinkers of present times. This biography traces not only his scientific quest for a deeper theory of physics but also his encounters with Ernest Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, Jiddu Krishnamurti and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.



Glimpsing Reality
Ideas in Physics and the Link to Biology

Interviews and conversations with the leading figures of twentieth century physics including Heisenberg, Dirac, Wheeler, Bohm, Penrose and others.

Blackfoot Physics
A Journey into the Native American Universe

The author's journey into Native America. An encounter of world views in which ideas from contemporary physics have suprising resonances with traditional knowledge.


The Philosopher's Stone
Chaos, Synchronicity and the Hidden Order of the World

What is the deeper meaning of the maps we make of our universe? Are the laws of physics eternal or in a state of flux? What is the deeper meaning of chaos?

Einstein's Moon
Bell's Theorem and the Curious Quest for Quantum Reality

"Is the moon really there when we don't observe it?" asked Einstein. The suprizing answer given by quantum theory leads to an explanation of the mysterious connections between elementary particles at opposite ends of the universe.



Cold Fusion
The Making of a Scientific Controversy

Cold Fusion: a hoax or a reality? This book explores the science behind the claims and the sociology of the bombshell that burst into the scientific world in 1989 when Pons and Fleischmann made their astounding claim.


Turbulent Mirror
An Illustrated guide to Chaos Theory and the Science of Wholeness

with John Briggs
One of the first guides to Chaos Theory, this book explains everything from fractals and strange attractors to the stock market to the outbreak of disease and tomorrow's weather.



and the Search for the Theory of Everything

What are the fundamental constituents of the world? Quarks? Superstrings? or Twistors. Read this book to find out.

Artificial Intelligence
How Machines Think

A clear and comprehensive guide to the challenges and barriers involved in building a computer that thinks.


The Bridge between Matter and Mind

What is the deeper meaning to the remarkable coincidences we sometimes encounter? How does the world of modern physics connect to that of mind?

Quantum Implications
Essays in Honour of David Bohm

edited with Basil Hiley
Essays by leading thinkers on science, psychology and philosophy to celebrate Bohm's seventieth birthday.

The Looking Glass Universe

with J Briggs
An investigation of the ideas of some of the pioneers of the new science including Ilya Prigogine, Karl Pribram, David Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake.

The Armchair Guide to Murder and Detection

How do you determine time of death? Are fingerprints infallible? Has there ever been a perfect murder? A must for all lovers of detective fiction.


The Nuclear Book

Written in the wake of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the author investigates the safety of the nuclear industry.

A Question of Physics

with P. Buckley
Interviews and conversations with some of the leading figures of twentieth century physics.