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Art and Science

What is the relationship between Art and Science? Many artists are interested in science and its theories. Others are exploring new technologies. But in what ways are these artistic expressions and experiments feeding back into science? And how do individual scientists respond to them?

In what ways can the work of artists be seen as authentic and significant experiments. And how can the artist's vision complement that of science when it comes to such concepts as space, time, matter, life and consciousness? And is it necessary that art should work in parallel with science?

And what of art-science collaborations? A great deal of money is being spent on conferences, grants and art-science programs. Why all the interest? Are the results encouraging? What sort of art is being produced? Could the money be spent in more effective ways?

This section of the Web Site is devoted to a discussion of these and related questions. Your contributions are welcome.

Art and Science meetings
Several contributors to these discussions have asked if I can arrange a meeting here in Pari. At present I do not have funding for such a meeting. Anyone with access to funds, funders or patrons please let me know!! It is, however, my intention to begin to host meetings here in Pari, Italy. (For more on Pari click here.) I do have funding for the first, The Future of the Academy, and hope that this will lead to further, long-term support. For the moment all I can suggest that if people wish to come here, paying out of their own pockets, there are small apartments to rent or rooms in a small hotel. Prices are very reasonable and Pari is an excellent place for an artist to spend a little time working, or simply thinking.

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