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Forthcoming Talks and Conferences


September 8-11, 2000
Meeting: The Future of the Academy
Pari, Italy
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Past Talks and Conferences


June 23-25, 2000
The Interactive Dance between Psyche and Matter
The Putney Inn, Putney, Vermont.
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January 16-21, 2000
Science, Complexity and Chaos

Schumacher College, Devon, England.


October 23, 1999
Speaking on "New Physics and New Age"
University of Nottingham, England
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August 11-14, 1999
Commentor at Assisi Conferences "The Confluence of Matter and Spirit"
Assisi, Italy

March 3-5, 1999
"Art and Science"
A closed meeting of artists and scientists in London. Information about the meeting, biographies of the participants and a discussion forum for the exchange of ideas prior to the meeting are available on this website.

February 27-28, 1999
"Imagining the Future: Jungian and Post-Jungian Perspectives on the Millennium - an Interdisciplinary Conference."
The Society of Analytical Psychology, London


November 13, 1998
Launch of Photography's multiple roles. Reception at museum and dinner at The Arts Club of Chicago.
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.

November 11, 1998
Radio Interview: Sound Photosynthesis
(Audio Tape available from

November 9, 1998
"The Alchemy of Creativity in Art and Science."
Institute of Frontier Sciences, San Francisco

November 4-7, 1998
The Global Century - Assembly of The World Academy of Art and Science
Vancouver, Canada

October 7, 1998
"Embodied Creativity" - Public Lecture
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

October 7, 1998
"Space and Form in Architecture"
School of Architecture, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

October 6, 1998
Seminar on Indigenous Science
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

October 5, 1998
Seminar on Silence and the Mind
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

October 4, 1998
Massey College, Toronto, Canada


November 10
"Le processus creatif a l'oeuvre dans la Nature"
Institut International de Psychanalyse et de Psychotherapie Charles Baudoin, Brussels

October 20
"Lost Knowledge?"
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

August 28 -31
Pannelist for "Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economic Environment"

August 17
"Structure in Nature and Psyche"
"The Confluence of Matter and Spirit", Assisi, Italy

June 9
"Mapping Realities"
Maison de Chime, Paris

May 31
"David Bohm and Implicate Orders: The Interweaving of Science, Politics and Mysticism"
Science Policy Research Unity, University of Sussex

May 30
"Blackfoot Physics" Dillons Bookstore, Oxford

May 18
"Participatory Reality"
Scientific and Medical Network, Regents College, London

April 20
"Native American Dreams and Visions"
Marks and Spensers

April 13
"Matter and Spirit"
Salve Regina University, Providence, Rhode Island

"Seeking Wholeness, a Comparison of Western Scientific and Native American Thought"
Conference - "Invitation de la Vie", Paris

March 9-10
"Paul Cezanne and David Bohm: The Search for a New Order"
Ineralia Art and Science Conference, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh

January 23
"Blackfoot Physics"
Scientific and Medical Network, London


"Nature and Structure "
"III International Conference on New Paridigms on Science", University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico

November 8
"Mind and Matter in the Blackfoot world-view"
C.G. Jung Society of London

October 1-3
"Form and Structure in Matter and Consciousness"
Conference on "Matter and Psyche",Padova

September 16
"Ecology and the sense of place"
Findhorn Community, Inverness

June 21
"Blackfoot Physics"
Golden Square Bookshop, London

March 25
"David Bohm: Implicate Orders and Psychic Inflation"
C.G. Jung Society of London, London

March 19
"L'Oevre de David Bohm"
Palais de Congress, Brussels


November 16
"David Bohm and the search for the Hidden Order of the World"
Public Talk, Brussels

"Codes and Structure in Matter and Psychie",
Conference on "Matter and Spirit", Assisi, Italy

"Paradigm shifts" Conference on Indigenous Justice and Healing
Banff Centre for Management


December 6-9
Faculty: "Indigenous Self-Government" Banff Centre for Management.
6 lectures on "Archetypes of Form: Evolution of Structure in Mind and Matter"

Nov 6-8
Assisi Seminar Series
Hartness House, Springfield, Vermont

October 14-16
"Indigenous Science" conference on "Spirit and Power"
University of Ottawa

October 13
"Empiricism in Science" Special Programs lecture series
Royal Ottawa Hospital

October 2
"Sacred Landscape" Keynote address, "Pilgrim's Crossing" conference
The Detroit Centre for Jung Studies

August 27-30
"Science and Spirit" Weekend workshop
The Omega Centre, New York

August 16-19
"Chaos, Madness and Health", "Chaos Theory and the Social Sciences", "New Metaphors in Psychiatry and the Social Sciences", "Chaos, Synchronicity and Creativity"
Keynote Address at Annual Conference on "Chaos Theory in Psychiatry"
Orelia, Ontario

May 5-6
"The Science of David Bohm" Memorial Meeting for David Bohm
London, England

April 19
"Indigeneous Science"
Appalachian State University, N Carolina

April 20-21
"Ecology and Complex systems"
Tusculum College, Tennessee

February 11-13
"Science and Spirituality"
Workshop at the Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo


Nov 29 -Dec 6
"Paradigm Shifts" Faculty and Speaker
Banff School of Management, Banff, Alberta
Workshop on Aboriginal Self-Government

Oct 2-4
"Synchronicity" Speaker at
Weekend Seminar organized by The Baldwin Brothers, Boston

September 2-4
"Healing and Spirit" International conference on Self-Help Mutual aid
Ottawa, Canada

August 10-15
"Space - Time and Structure in Matter and Psyche"
Faculty of Antioch College's Summer School on The Confluence of Matter and Spirit
Assisi, Italy

June 11-13
"Landscape, Spirit and Energy"
Princeton University

"Subtle Energy"
Conference on Energy in Health, Paris

Sorbonne University, Paris

"The Bridge between Western and Indigenous Science"
Radio Talk, France Culture, Paris

"The Notion of Dialogue", Consensus/Contestation Conference


November 17-22
"Indigenous and Western World Views: The Meeting of Two Paradigms"
Speaker, Facilitator and Participant at the Conference "The Administration of Justice for Native Canadians", organized by Leroy Little Bear
Banff, Alberta

Nov 8-10
"A New Cosmology - Telling Our Story in the Expressive Arts", Spirituality and Psychotherapy Conference
Crystal City, Virginia

August 11-17
"The Spirit in Matter: Western and Indigenous World Views" The Confluence of Matter and Spirit III
Assisi, Italy

March 22
"Indigenous Science" One hour TV dialogue, with Pamela Colorado.
Broadcast TV-Ontario

March 18, 1991
"Markings, Maps and Physics" Seminar to Department of Fine Arts
University of Ottawa

Jan 25-27
"Indigenous Science: Nature's Intelligence of Chaos." Lecture and Workshop with Pamela Colorado.
Institute of Cultural Affairs, Toronto

Jan 14-16
"Subtle Matter." The Fetzer Institute


November 1
"Bell's Theorem and Quantum Theory", Physics Seminar
University of North Carolina

November 1
"Gentle Action for a Harmonious World", Public lecture
Warren Wilson College, NC

October 31
"New Visions of Space and Time" Mathematics seminar
Warren Wilson College, NC

October 30
"Consciousness and the Subtle" Noetics Group
Ashville, NC

October 30
"New orders in nature" Graduate seminar in the Humanities
University of North Carolina

October 29
"A Map in the Head: Indigenous and Western views of Nature"
Public Talk, University of North Carolina

September 1-3
"Chaos and Order in a Holistic Universe" Lectures and Workshop
The Dharma Centre of Canada

May 18-19
"Chaos and the Heart Sutra"-lectures in co-ordination with Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche.
The Dharma Centre of Canada, Kinmount, Ontario

March 5
"Creativity: Inscape and Landscape"
King's College, London, Ontario

Feb 28
"Complex systems". Lecture to Depts Physics and Biology.
Temple University

Feb 27
"Unfolding the Subtle: Matter and Consciousness" Public Lecture, Sponsored by the Centre for Frontier Sciences
Temple University, Philadelphia

Feb 10-11
"Chaos and Gentle Action"
The Kinmount Academy, Kinmount, Ontario

Cosmology Symposium: An Integral Story for the Ecozoic Era.
California Institute of Integral Studies


October 22
"Science, Philosophy and the Sacred" Two half hour talks on Channel 14
videotaped Washington

October 21-22
"The Map in the Mind" conference on "Patterns in the Universe"
Smithsonian Museum, Washington

October 20
"New Age Writing"
Ottawa Independent Writers Association, annual conference

October 16-20
"Science and Values"
International Conference on Science Education, Ottawa

October 16-20
"Chaos Theory"
International Conference on Science Education, Ottawa

October 16-20
"Superstrings and Twistors"
International Conference on Science Education, Ottawa

October 9
"Chaos Theory" Half hour talk on deterministic chaos.
CKCU-FM, Ottawa

July 14
"The Theory of Everything"
The New York Open Centre, NY

"Science, Meaning, Action and Mind" Invited talk at Conference with Native Science
(Sponsored by the University of Lethbridge and the University of Calgary)
The Nakota Lodge, Lethbridge, Alberta

June 30
"Connecting Science and Human Consciousness" Invited lecture in the "Where are We Going?" series
sponsored by Powell's Bookstore and the Rimski Korsakoffee House
Portland, Oregon

June 16
"Gentle Action" Interview on New Dimensions Radio
San Francisco

June 10,11
Workshops on "Gentle Action"
University of British Columbia

June 10. 1989
"Celebrating the Universe"
Keynote address at conference on Unity: Science, Myth and Meaning
University of British Columbia

"Non-local connections in physics and consciousness"
Conference on "The Interrelationship between Mind and Matter"
Temple University, Centre for Frontier Sciences

March 1-5
Workshop on Chaos, Society and Response.
The Kinmount Academy

February 23
"Creativity and Education" Invited talk and workshop with the Ottawa Group on educational reform. (Sponsored by Ruth Dempsy)


January 15 -17
"The Future: Counting the Cost" Keynote address.
The Royal Society of Canada's conference on The Cost of Inaction
Hull, Quebec

April 15-21
"Meaning and Structure in Biology and Physics: Some Outstanding Questions"
Temple University Conference on Basic Issues in the Overlap and Union of Quantum Theory, Biology, and the Philosophy of Cognition

June 23
"The Future of the Environment"
Talk and workshop given to the Curriculum Development group, Sesame Street
CBC, Montreal

October 1
"Physics and Synchronicity" Invited talk given at Erasmus University
Rotterdam, Holland

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